In 1990, in Ursynów, Warsaw, the first Polish flagship store of a well-known Swedish furniture company opened. A year later, Wojtek was born. In his memories, the pavilion at 8 Bacewiczówny Street no longer shows any traces of Scandinavian dreams. Now, if you want ice cream and hot dogs for just one złoty, you have to go to the suburban town of Janki. The shopping center there is not just a hall filled with goods, but a place where dreams of prosperity and high standards are enchanted. It is a playground and a huge game board.

PAX is a system whose elements you can combine as you see fit. PAX is the consumer's dance with the product. PAX is about working with seriality and multiplication. PAX is the choreography of interiors. No one will assemble it for you.

Supported by scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.

︎︎︎ CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY: Wojciech Grudziński
︎︎︎ PERFORMANCE: Wojciech Grudziński
︎︎︎ VOCAL: Katarzyna Szugajew
︎︎︎ DRAMATURGY SUPPORT: Mateusz Szymanówka
︎︎︎ GRAPHIC: Maciej Bychowski
︎︎︎ MUSIC SET: Jan Szubiak
︎︎︎ PREMIERE: 21.12.2017, Studio Theater, Warsaw