In the slang of allotment owners „going to RODOS” refers to affordable relaxation amid the nature. RODOS (Fenced-In Family Allotment Gardens, also a Polish homonym for Rhodes) is linked to rest and relaxation. But it is also a space full of mysteries and secrets, a place of separation, where something “untoward” can more easily be hidden. The RODOS project is not just a tourist exploration but also a cruising in the allotment underworld.

In RODOS, love songs and verses of woe will mix with skirmishing and flirting. In the evening, when the labyrinth of allotment gardens is shrouded in smoke from grilled meat, when wild strawberries and cherries take a breather from the relentless sun and dew weighs downon the blades of grass, we will get to know the heroes of the allotment gardens, their lovers and comics, their fables and true stories. When bottles of moonshine dry up and the black pudding lulls to sleep – RODOS will reveal a different, less expected face; just outside the city centre, amid residential towers and supermarkets, a séance will unfold, mixing farce and comedy with the purest tragedy. Suburban shepherdesses and rascals, highwaymen and exemplary housewives will dance together, scaling rows of carrots and bushes of berries, out to face adventure only possible at RODOS.

︎︎︎ CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY: Wojciech Grudziński
︎︎︎ PERFORMANCE: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Wojciech Grudziński, Oskar Malinowski, Justyna Zientek
︎︎︎ DRAMATURGY: Joanna Ostrowska, Paweł Soszyński
︎︎︎ MUSIC: Wojtek Blecharz
︎︎︎ SET, VISUALISATION: Rafał Dominik
︎︎︎ LIGHTS: Aleksandr Prowaliński
︎︎︎ COSTUMES: Natalia Mleczak
︎︎︎ VIDEO: Bartek Zalewski
︎︎︎ PRODUCTION: Komuna//Warszawa
︎︎︎ Premiere: 02.09.2019


This fierce performative firework seems to be like a rave videoclip. Explodes with sound and colour. Created by Wojciech
Grudziński the piece is like a critique yet rather sensual dancing impression inspired by secret allotment gardens.

published on 15.09.2019

RODOS by Wojciech Grudziński is a thrilling, party-like vision of „A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at allotment gardens. Dancers ride on made of used tires swan and shout words of wisdom like „Sing a song if your concerns take you down”, grilled sausages sizzle in the sunset light and queen of thenight appears as if she was coming right from Moulin Rouge.

ANETA KYZIOŁ for Polityka
published on 12.09.2019

There are plenty of adjectives that can describe world of RODOS. Its heavenly, colourful, hot, naughty, vital, adorable. Videoclip like choreography for Jennifer Lopez song bringsa lot of joy and the Moulin Rouge’s dancer (Justyna Zientek) part is a masterpiece of editing - surprising yet crucial.

published on 21.10.2019